I think this was the first Christmas in many many years, perhaps ever, that I felt like I didn’t feel well enough to enjoy the holiday…but I can’t really put into words WHY I felt that way. Christmas eve hubby and I went to Christmas eve service at church, which I have to say is usually one of my favorite parts of the holiday. I love getting dressed nice, and experiencing the whole church filled with happy singing voices; I love the candlelit singing of Silent Night to end the service. I just love it. But this year I was uncomfortable in my clothes, with the fabric irritating my skin; I did not feel “pretty”, and I was in a significant amount of pain. After church we all went to dinner, where the food made my stomach sick and I was still in a bunch of pain. Christmas day I slept in a little, and spent the morning in bed reading which was nice since I was really hurting (are you seeing a trend here?), I did a little bit of cooking (another favorite part of the holiday) and headed off to my grandmother’s house. There we ate a delicious meal and everything was ok, but after that things just went downhill. I “crashed”, as I tend to call it…which essentially means that what little energy I had disappeared instantly, and my pain went through the roof. So I parked my butt on the couch until all gifts were opened, and then I retreated home to my bed where I proceeded to have insomnia and was up half the night. 

I guess I’m just not “feeling” the holidays this year. I was too sick to do much decorating or preparing, I got the bare minimum done as far as shopping for gifts is concerned, and I was just generally too exhausted and in too much pain to enjoy the whole season. 

It’s whatever I guess…

What does make me a little sad is that since I got engaged a year ago on New Year’s Eve, I wanted to go with hubby to the spot where he proposed and celebrate New Year’s watching the fireworks just like we did last year…but I know there is NO WAY I will feel up to that. :[


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6 responses to “Christmas

  1. Christmas can be a pretty hard time when you’re chronically ill. I’m sorry you found it tough this year and hope things pick up for you in time for New Year.


    • besos831

      Thank you. 2013 has been a rough year, and I’m quite ready for it to be over! Thanks for “following” me, and I look forward to reading more of your posts soon! It’s nice to “meet” you in the blogging world. :]


  2. I understand how you feel about missing out on things because you’re not up to them. Could you maybe visit the same spot but during the day with a nice picnic and then head home early? I know you’ll miss the fireworks but your health comes first.


    • besos831

      It’s just especially hard this year, as I have not been this ill in quite a while. That is a good idea about the picnic though, since he proposed in Daytona Beach…a picnic on the beach sounds very nice at the moment. :] But I may aim for the day AFTER, since Daytona Beach has a big street festival all day on New Year’s Eve, and that’s what I’d like to avoid…the crowds, and the walking, etc, you know. It’s nice to meet you and thanks for following!! :]


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