X-ray vision?

Sometimes I wish we all had x-ray vision, not for looking through people’s clothes you sicko, but for looking through people’s hearts and souls. Of course we all have things in there that we don’t really want everyone and their mother seeing…but really, just THINK about it. No more lying/deceiving, because we’d all know the truth anyway! No more cheating, because I wouldn’t need to smell her perfume to know where he’s been. And best of all (I think), no more invisibility. No more wondering if I’m fooling people with my fake “everything is ok” face…no more needing the face. No more wondering if people believe me that I’m really, very sick…because they would know that I am. 

I didn’t realize until recently exactly how invisible I was feeling. My pain is, by definition, invisible. My feelings are, by nature, invisible. But no one should be, as a person, invisible. And that is exactly how I have felt for a really long time. 

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