Annndddd they’re back!

For about a month I have not been feeling too terribly awful, physically that is. It’s a little easier to cope with my day, and the pain hasn’t been quite as intense or as constant. (Oddly enough I haven’t had any pain killers for about a month, coincidence? I think not). I have also noticed a reduction in my neurological symptoms; less migraines, less trouble forming words/sentences, fewer electrical shocks, and the best part, virtually no twitching!

Last week I saw my doctor, who was almost as excited as I was about the decrease on neuro symptoms; she was convinced that the twitching had been a medication side effect and that now I was off the med it would stay gone. Although she did still give me a referral to a neurologist, just because she is proactive like that and wanted me checked just in case.

I sat there in her office skeptical, I said “maybe it was a medication side effect, but I doubt it. It can’t be that easy.”

And lo and behold, I woke up today twitching like crazy, mixing up words, stuttering…and yesterday I had an electrical shock that was pretty bad.

Did I tell her so, or did I tell her so?

I am SO done with this.

I’ll be starting lots of new supplements this week, so hopefully that will help. Methylcobolamin injections (B12), Deplin (methyl folate), vitamin D, magnesium, and a higher probiotic count. If they would just hurry up and come in the mail already!

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