Happy freaking valentines day…

How am I spending my first sort-of “single” valentines day? Sitting on a stinky couch, in the back room of a shady biker bar, drinking Sprite and smoking a cigarette. At least there are plenty of interesting people to observe…

Not kidding, these just happened…right in front of my face…


And then there is the guy dressed in a cape, circulating around the room showing off his fangs and attempting to convince people to join him in his crusade to change the worlds opinion of vampires. Yes, vampires. “Vampires are the happiest people on earth”, he says, “because of course they can never frown, they would cut their lips on their fangs!” Naturally. Everyone knows that.

And of course the fortune teller that I have been listening to as she gives strange, very obviously absurd and made up, fortunes.

One year ago right now, I was laying in bed watching tv with my brand new husband (yes, actually WATCHING tv, you sicko).

Funny how only 365 days can change everything…

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