Love like that…

My grandmother (whom I have been staying with) looked at me this morning and said “you know, if your grandpa hadn’t died we would have been married 68 years today”…you read that right, 68 YEARS! My grandma was 19 when they married, and they stayed married for 47 years until my grandpa passed away from cancer. My grandma then was single for close to 15 years before she met another man, married him, and proceeded to be his caregiver until he passed away from congestive heart failure. To this day, even though her second husband has been gone for several years now, she will not sit in “HIS” chair, or use “HIS” shower (even though these things would be easier for her to use as her health is not so great lately). And she stopped what she was doing this morning and paid recognition to the day, even though my grandpa has been gone for 21 years now. 

I’ve been thinking about this all day, and I wish I had something more meaningful to say but all I can say is “wow”. It amazes me to think what kind of love that is… My grandma is the most incredible person I know, and I hope some day to experience love like that.

Yet it saddens me a little to think about too…given the state my love life is in…

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