The spirit of relationship past…

The other night I was doing that thing I do, you know, where I dance around the kitchen to my favorite song of the week and sing while I cook?

You used to laugh at me for it. I used to make you leave the room. 

Only this time I wasn’t “home”, I wasn’t in “our” kitchen, and you weren’t in the other room watching tv.

It was the first time I had let loose like that since…you know. It was nice. 

But as I was dancing, and cooking, and singing to my music, I felt you. If I didn’t know better I would have sworn you were there, sneaking up behind me like you used to do, about to wrap your arms around me, kiss my cheek, and probably tickle me (knowing you). Back when we were happy, you did things like that. I half expected to see you there when I turned around. But of course, you weren’t there. 

Never again will you do that to me, or make me smile like that.

Never again will we be that kind of happy. 

That makes me just a little bit sad. 

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One response to “The spirit of relationship past…

  1. Maybe you will find someone in the future who wlll do those things for real for you. ❤


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