Hooray for wigs and new beginnings!

I did it.

I said I wouldn’t, but I did.

I got a hair cut.

I know, I know, big deal, right? It’s just a hair cut.

Except it’s not just a hair cut…for a handful of reasons.

First, I have can count the number of hair cuts I have gotten in the last 5 years on one hand and have fingers to spare.

Second, my head is significantly lighter now…10 inches lighter, to be exact.

Third, those 10 inches will now be made into a wig for a child fighting cancer. ❤ This is a big deal for me as my aunt is a breast cancer survivor and I remember her struggle to find a wig that made her feel comfortable.

Fourth, it means something.


About a week before my ex-husband and I started dating I chopped off all of my hair. I don’t know why, just felt like it I guess. Well, he was upset…he told me I shouldn’t do that again because he liked my hair long. So I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I know that makes him sound controlling and he really wasn’t; I actually liked my hair long anyway, and I wanted him to like how I looked (what girlfriend/wife doesn’t?). So I haven’t had a real hair cut since then.

So the other day when the urge to chop it off struck me (it does that periodically), I just got a hair cut. Simple as that. For once I just made a decision without stopping to think what he, or anyone else would think about it.

It’s really quite freeing to just make decisions, without worrying about how it will affect someone else or what anyone will think (wow, getting a little deep here…it’s just a hair cut…or is there more on my mind tonight than just hair?)

Hair cuts have always felt like new beginnings to me; a new style, a new way of doing it every day, maybe even a new color! (Still contemplating that one…)

I feel like I just cut off the last 5 years of relationship…and the new grows now will be me, and only me.


Plus there are definite perks to this short hair thing:

1. Uhm, it’s suffocatingly HOT outside…enough said

2. I actually feel like I can safely manage to wash it all by myself, even on bad days (thank goodness for shower chairs too!). That used to be one of the things that I had to have help with when I was very sick.

3. I can actually hold my arms up long enough to style it, most days. Feeling like I am pretty is soooo important for my mental, and therefore physical, health.

4. A lot of it was falling out anyway…and it’s much less annoying to lose hair when it’s short.


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4 responses to “Hooray for wigs and new beginnings!

  1. Wow. Very cool. Literally. 😉


  2. Christine

    I want to see!! 🙂


  3. What a good idea for a new start !! ❤


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