Anti- everything!

It’s been a rough few days (surprise surprise right?). About 10 days ago I started a new pile of different antibiotics that includes some antimalarials too (used to treat coinfections that come along with Lyme disease and can also make antibiotics more effective), so when I woke up at 4am on Sunday morning in horrendous pain I rejoiced! I said “finally! A herx! I’m so excited!”…I know, this sounds totally crazy but with Lyme disease you hope for stuff like that because it means that the treatment is working, just trust me.

I did what I am supposed to do; I called out of work, spent the day in bed, slept a TON, drank a ton of water, and did as much detoxing as I could manage…which wasn’t much since I was so weak that a trip to the bathroom meant another 2 hour nap, but hey, I did my best. I was in massive amounts of pain in my muscles, neck and lower back; I had a migraine that was blinding if I tried to sit up; I had a sore throat and a low grade fever and no appetite. By Sunday night it had eased up and I figured “cool, it’s passed”…until I woke up Monday morning. I woke up feeling fatigued but pretty much like my usual self, except for a rash all over my hands. It was like little bumps, which I had had before but never more than like 3 at a time and I counted 27 first thing Monday morning. By the time I got off work Monday evening it had spread to cover the palms of both of my hands, all my fingers, and the soles of both of my feet, and I still had a sore throat and sore tongue (with red dots on both of them too).

It was excruciatingly painful…like being covered in blisters and fire ant bites at the same time (for those of you who don’t know what fire ants are, they are little demon ants are everywhere where I live that bite you and leave poison behind that burns and hurts terribly).

I said “if this isn’t gone by tomorrow I’m calling the doctor immediately”, and went to bed to research the crap out of it (naturally, what else would I do?). I determined that it appeared to be a viral infection and when it wasn’t better I got in to see the new nurse practitioner at my primary care doctors office.

That poor woman, it was like her first week on the job and here I am, a super complicated case to begin with, and now covered in some mysterious and very painful rash that she had no idea what it was. It was like bumps, and blisters, and red dots, all at the same time. See?




After all the doctors in the practice had a big meeting about me, it was decided that I should start an antiviral medication and do lots of labs to check things like white blood cell count and inflammation levels.

The theory is that this is a reactivation of a virus that has probably been laying dormant in me since I was a kid…like how adults get singles from the same virus that causes chickenpox in kids, only it’s much worse in adults.

Wonderful, I really can’t catch a break. 😦

The fun part is, now I am on:
And antifungals!

I’m just anti- everything!

I guess that’s a good thing? I hope I’m covered now!

I can’t say for sure if the antiviral med has helped or not; I’ve taken 2 doses so far (it’s for twice a day for 7-10 days) and I’m slightly less miserable at the moment…but I also took a crap ton of ibuprofen this morning. :/

The sad part is…it wasn’t a herx :(. Just when I thought we had found an antibiotics protocol that would produce results…nope! Just kidding! It’s just one more thing to dump on the shit pile. Great, what’s next?


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12 responses to “Anti- everything!

  1. It’s like a buffet. Take a spoonful from each category. Good grief!!!!


  2. Christine

    You know that I know how badly all of this sucks. I really wish I had some great words of wisdom for you, or, some type of magical protocol that would make us all well. Unfortunately, I don’t, but I really can understand so much of what you’re going through. You have a friend in suffering!


  3. I get rashes like that on my hands, particularly my fingers. No one has ever managed to tell me what it is, but one specialist I saw said that it was often a non-specific marker of autoimmune disease (of which I have plenty). I’m interested to hear though if they figure out what is causing yours. Do yours itch? Mine don’t, but feel slightly tender, almost like blisters. My father gets something similar too, however his itch and he was told it was something called ‘pustular psoriasis’, but they aren’t sure what causes it.


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