I want to write

I want to write. I’ve been trying to days but I just can’t. I have ideas galore bouncing around inside my head, but as soon as I sit down to write them I just can’t. 

I hate my brain lately. I don’t think my brain fog has ever been like this. I can’t even focus enough to hold on to a thought in my head. I feel like my brain is on drugs, or has attention deficit disorder or something. Just when I think I’m actually thinking and functioning ok, a little while later I catch myself staring at the wall for who knows how long, and realize I’m just kidding myself. (I’ve stopped to stare at the wall a total of 4 times in writing this post so far). 

So for now, I will try to calm my mind and be content to stare…and you all will just have to wait for my brain to settle down long enough to let me write a real post. (Hopefully soon, I have a theory as to what caused this so I’ve changed my supplements to try to fix it…let hope I’m right!)


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8 responses to “I want to write

  1. The wall will be lonely. 😉


  2. Christine

    I get it! Whenever you want to write, we’re here to read it, even if it’s not as perfect as a Shakespearean sonnet :P)


  3. Hi Addie Marie 😀 I’m back ! Maybe you should just take up graffiti, photograph your work, then post it ! Take care my friend. Ralph xox ❤


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