Strength in my Scars

I often feel like many of my friends and family don’t understand why I am not self conscious about my scars; why I don’t care if they show and don’t shy away from things that may cause more. This is why. ❤

College on Crutches

**Warning: Scars & Self Harm are discussed. Read on if you wish.**

My body is home to an abundance of scars. Some are easily seen, while others are at the heart level, hidden from view. These scars have a variety of causes. Many are the result of my previous cutting addiction, some are reminders of surgeries, medication reactions, and mishaps from my childhood, and the rest have unknown origins.

I used to be ashamed of my scars. I thought people would judge me if they saw them, so I was always careful to keep them covered. When I was younger and a scar formed on my leg from a bad reaction to a medication, I wouldn’t let anyone see it. For years I covered it with a band-aid, hoping it would simply blend in with my skin. (I don’t think it worked.) When I was older and had marks from…

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4 responses to “Strength in my Scars

  1. Hi Addie Marie 😀 Are you still hibernating ? xox ❤


  2. Thanks for reblogging my post! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award 🙂 You can check out my post for more info : . There’s no pressure to participate, but I think your blog is great!


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