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Elephant Journal has done it again…

Elephant Journal- Don’t Miss Your Soulmate Flags

“I now define “soul mate” as a soul with whom I have had so many meaningful encounters in so many other lifetimes and dimensions, that I feel I know them almost instantly upon meeting them again. They feel so familiar, like family, like instant friends. We can play just about any role for each other too: friend, lover, child, grandchild.”

This has happened to me several times recently, and I am so deeply thankful for those dear friends. They always seem to come into my life exactly when I need them to. For some of them I can even pinpoint the exact moment when I realized the “flag” that told me we were connected in some way. ❤

“The ones that are heart breaking, though, are the ones where timing is an issue. We meet them as planned, we experience the flag and know it is important, but we have made past decisions that prevent us from being lovers.”

This has been on my mind lately, as I find myself in a situation with someone who I have experienced repeated flags with over many years, but timing has always been an issue. We shall see if this is the flag that brings us together or not!

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