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Sometimes a girl just needs her Mommy…

Note: to understand this post one needs to understand the sort of relationship I have with my parents…it’s a close one. Like tell them everything, rather hang out with them than my friends sometimes, sort of close. 

My parents moved away, like away away (1000 miles away, to be exact), about 7 months ago. I was ok with that fact; I’m an adult, I had my husband and my best friend, and my grandmother not too far away…I’d survive. Until my entire world imploded in approximately 48 hours…and the word “divorce” suddenly became part of my every day vocabulary.

I don’t remember the last time I wanted my mom so much; I was literally “this” close to just getting in the car and not stopping until I was laying in her bed SO many times over the next couple of weeks. But I resisted…because I’m a grown up now…and that’s what grown ups do…

Until, miracle of miracles, my mom was on a plane to HERE! (It’s a not-so happy reason why, involving my grandmother injuring herself, but it’s ok now…and it worked out well for me!)

Even better? She is staying indefinitely! 

I can’t explain how much it puts me at ease just to know she is here…I feel so much more grounded having her around. Not only is she my sounding board, for just about everything, but she is also my best friend in the whole world, my safe-place to release all the emotional junk floating around inside me lately.

I finally feel like everything is going to be ok, as long as she is around…

Did I mention that I have the best mom ever? ❤


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