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Swiss cheese

You wanna know what the problem with growing up in a very sunny place, like I did, is? Skin cancer. It’s a problem everywhere really, especially when you are fair skinned and freckly like I am, but especially in places where it is hot and sunny 10 months out of the year.

This morning I had “precancerous” skin cells removed, for the 3rd time in less than a year. Medically speaking this is not a big deal, all 3 were caught early enough to just require minor surgery to remove them and that was that. Dermatologists rank skin cancer issues mild-moderate-severe-atypical-then CANCER. So 2 of mine have been “mild” and one “moderate to severe”. No biggie.

But this being the 3rd one now, I am starting to feel a little like Swiss cheese…full of holes!

From now until eternity I will go faithfully to my check ups every 6 months, and stand there while the doctor inspects every single one of my 19472901738 freckles, and inevitably every time she will find at least one that needs biopsy-ing. With my current stats 1/2 of my biopsies come back positive, so there will inevitably be more holes, stitches and scars.

It’s ok, you can just call me Swiss Cheese Girl.

The moral of this story? WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN FOLKS! 🙂


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